So a few years ago I had this crazy idea for a comic. It would feature a group of dumb villains and parody many of my favorite 80’s cartoons growing up. I needed to do something different from my regular work which was totally all-ages and generally safe for everyone.

Then I was let go from my job of 16 years.

I decided right then that this was gonna happen right damn now. It was going to just be whatever the heck I wanted it to be, whatever made me laugh. So instead of getting depressed I focused some of my anxiety and frustration into Wicked Crispy. I had no intention of shopping this fool thing around to any publishers because who would publish poop jokes, and more man sausage that you can shake a stick at, right? Besides, this one was just for me, it was my therapy,  and If I got some people to laugh along with me, bonus!

Guess what happened? A publisher came to me! At first I was like “Are you sure, because dicks?” But they were sure. So now it will eventually become an official book you can order online or pick up at a comic shop. I’m so excited, kinda confused, and totally and ridiculously grateful for my new publisher and a chance to share this fiasco of a comic with the masses.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is get your stuff out there! Don’t make what you think everyone wants, make what you want. People will find you, and it will be far more meaningful when they do because it’s all you.

Now I need to get back to drawing awful and terrible things.